Nonverbal Body Language – That Women Find Attractive

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The world of dating guides and advice is often focused on pick-up lines and words to use. Of course, words and lines are important and make a great difference. But no matter how important they might be, studies prove again and again that our body language is a vital part of our communication.

Especially when we discuss the issue of attraction, which is a very basic human mechanism, nonverbal body language has great importance.

In this post, I’ll discuss 3 elements of body language that you can use to improve your attractiveness in the eyes of women – no matter what words or lines you use.

Taking Space

Men and women have different attraction mechanisms, and what attracts men is not what attracts women.

One of the examples of this is connected to the body language that attracts men and women.

For men, attractive body language includes taking space, standing straight and full of confidence. Your eyes should be directed slightly ahead.

So make sure that when you’re standing, walking or sitting, you have a decent distance between your legs. You should also take your hands out of the pockets.


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Leaning Forward

What many men do subconsciously with women is showing their full interest using their body language. They might even try to play “hard to get” with her, but their body language would actually reveal their real thoughts.

A common example of this “over-interested” body language is leaning forward. When a man likes a girl, his body language automatically reveals it by trying to get closer to her.

However, this automatic response might even make you seem needy, especially if the girl didn’t show her interest in you.

So be aware of this issue. Don’t lean forward when you meet a new girl. Even if you’re in a loud club, lean backwards, and you’ll see that she’ll be the one to lean towards you.

Disinterested Body Language

There is a great trick that you should use when approaching a girl. The problem of most men is that they don’t set challenges to women.

When they approach a girl, whether it’s during the day or in a bar, they usually begin with a compliment, they flatter her and then they use needy and over-interested body language (leaning forward, for example).

They simply show the girl they are easy to get. Now, women (and men too) are naturally attracted to what is hard to get. A woman wants to get the best men, and the best men are difficult to get.

So basically the message that you should give a woman, is that you have some interest in her, but she still needs to make efforts to attract you.

How can you do this using body language? Here is my trick: after you approached her and said a few words, make a small step backwards. Just a few inches have a great effect. She might not even notice is consciously, but the subconscious message of this step backwards is huge.

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